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Apr. 29th, 2008 | 08:15 am

comcast finally got out and got the internet hooked up in my apartment. so here is the move update.

for most of last week, I spent the days packing up my apartment, a little bit at a time. But everything except my computer was packed up by thursday evening. Friday morning my dad and brother drove over to Raleigh and we went and got a box truck from Penske. We loaded up everything in my apartment except my computer and a sleeping bag, then drove it back to durham to load up my bookshelves, stereo, boxes and other stuff at my parents house. Then I went back to Raleigh and cleaned a bit before showering and going to my farewell party. I stopped at starbucks on the way to mojoes to say bye to the folks who were working there, then headed over to mojoes to meet folks for dinner. Had a good time at dinner, with about 12-15 people showing up. Headed over to my apartment around 930ish and a night of super smash brothers and alcohol and general funness was had by all. Thanks to all you folks who were able to make it out. Pictures are here.

Saturday morning my parents swung by at 9, and we hit the road. We got to the apartment complex around 3, I got checked in and got the key and we started to move stuff in. Comcast was scheduled to come out between 3 and 6. After two calls, the guy finally got here at 8. Cable got set up, but he was unable to set up the internet. I had to reschedule it on Sunday for early this morning. Late Saturday, it started to rain. It was only fitting, and I'd predicted it a week earlier. When I'd come up for the job interview in late March, it was a gray and drizzly day. When my dad and I came up last Sunday/Monday to look at apartments, we drove up to the area in torrential rain and it rained pretty steadily until we were back in North Carolina. I was saying then that it would probably be raining when I moved in. It did spritz on us while carrying stuff from the vehicles, but nothing that got us wet. But it basically rained for the next two days, just to taunt me. It should be really nice on Thursday, when I start the job. Anyway, here are pictures of the apartment. As you can see, I'm still in the middle of unpacking.

Oh, and speaking of starting the new job on Thursday, my first fortune cookie up here read, "You have an important new business development shaping up." That is one hell of a coincidence.

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from: theanphibian
date: Apr. 30th, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
see it here first!

It's good to hear you got set up alright. It was sad to see you go!

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from: spkr4thedead51
date: Apr. 30th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
see it here first!

Yeah, I've been sitting around, looking out the window and missing everyone.

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